Pet Shop Pen Pals FAQs

What is Dream Chaser Enterprises, L.P.’s Mission?

Dream Chaser Enterprises, L.P. is focused on using creativity, entertainment, technology, and educational principals to engage and foster the well-being of children.

What age is the Pet Shop Pen Pals appropriate for?

The Pet Shop Pen Pals has been used and tested by children ranging from ages 4 to 10. All enjoyed the concept, and the stories are age appropriate for the whole group. The support activities are tailored toward a wide range of users. Some are easier for younger participants, and some are more difficult for the older children.

What is the reading level of the Pet Shop Pen Pals?

Each letter has been professionally evaluated for both content and reading level by reading specialists. Each letter is slightly different. Most are written at a second to third grade reading level. Because every child reads differently, we recommend you read and follow the Reading Together overview found in the bottom right-hand corner of each child’s letterbox and/or on the homepage Parent drop down menu.

Can my child and I read the weekly letters over and over?

Yes! When a new weekly letter arrives in your child’s letterbox, they remain there throughout the term of his/her membership. All letters can be read over and over and are stored in units of 5. You can also do the Paws Challenge questions that go with each letter over and over. However, you only earn points for completing the letter the first time you read it, complete the Paws Challenge questions, and click the Pets Rock! button.

What are Bonus Letters?

Bonus letters are a reward for those children who read all of that unit’s letters, answered all of the Paws Challenge questions, and finished all of the crossword puzzles and word searches. Each letter, crossword puzzle, and word search completed earns 8 points with a possible total of 24 points per letter set. 96 points earned in a unit will open the Bonus letter.

Can my child write back to the Pet Shop Pen Pals?

Yes! Once logged into the pet shop, there is a red tab located under the pet shop that says Write to Us. Click on the tab, type a note to the pets in the space provided, and hit the Send Message button. The pets love to hear from children. However, they will not respond back to the messages.

My child submitted a picture of our pet, but it did not show up in the Cool Pets Theater. Why?

Due to the nature of sharing pictures of children’s pets with other children, each picture is reviewed and approved for content. Instructions clearly outline that no people are to be in the pictures.

Why didn’t my child get a birthday letter?

If you signed up your child for a 6-month membership, the birthday letter is not included since there is a 50% chance that it may fall outside of his/her membership timeline.

Will there be a second year of the Pet Shop Pen Pals?

Yes! The Pet Shop Pen Pals will continue to share their new adventures for as long as children want to read all about them.

How do I renew my membership?

All members will receive 3 renewal emails, which are sent 3 months/2 months/1 month prior to your membership(s) expiration. Just follow the instructions on the email if you wish to renew your child/children.

The Pet Shop Pen Pals website does not look good on our cell phones. Why?

The Pet Shop Pen Pals user experience is best viewed on larger screens. Therefore, it was created for use on desktop, laptop, notebook, and iPad computers only.

What if I have more question about the program?

We are very interested in serving the public. If you have additional questions, please contact us by email, and/or use the contact form found under Contact located in the Parents drop down menu on the homepage.

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